ACT Tower

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Act Tower (アクトシティ浜松) is a skyscraper located in Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, next to the beautiful Hamamatsu Station, with 212.77 meters high and 45 floors, which makes it the tallest building in Hamamatsu, and the highest in Japan outside the metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

It was built in 1994, it took almost 3 years to finish its construction. Construction started in August 1991 and ended in July 1994, about 166.4 billion yen was spent.

The complex consists of an Okura City Hotel on its 17 highest floors, and a tourist observation platform has been built on the top floor, where you can see a magnificent panorama of the city, lakes, rivers, neighborhoods and in good weather, Mount Fuji. From above, the Shinkansen (bullet train) looks like a miniature toy train.

Autumn and winter offer a romantic night view of the city lights after sunset.

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Adults: 500 yen / Kids: 300 yen

Shisuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Naka-ku Itaya-cho 111-1

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