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Top Model Influencer Japan Contest

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The biggest contest that reveals models and influencers in Japan, Top Model Influencer Japan will be held on October 15th in Toyota City at the Toyota City Cultural Hall.

Registration is now open, this is your opportunity to showcase your talent and skills, an International contest, for the entire foreign community residing in Japan.

The Event is organized by promoter Bárbara Corrêa Nakatsukasa from E-Leven Agency.

She currently works in the fashion, beauty and events sector for over 20 years, but has already been a miss and a model.

Top Model categories: Kids, Teen and Adult for any nationality.

  • To participate, you must be between 5 and 29 years old and a resident of Japan.


  • Ages 14 and older and residing in Japan.


Top Model & Influencer Japan is a family and youth event aimed at discovering new talent in the field of fashion, beauty and influence along with cultural and social presentations such as: dance, music and entertainment.

The main objective of the event is to discover, highlight and hone these young talents by offering them paths of knowledge, education and career guidance, as well as disseminating culture and education to participants through socio-cultural presentations and being an international event it also promotes integration between different nationalities.


The city of Toyota (豊田市) has a population of 424.474 inhabitants, of which about 18.445 are foreigners, the Brazilian community is in first place with 6.687, the Chinese in second with 2.656, Vietnam in third with 2.515, followed by the Philippines with 2.023, Koreans 1.147, Peruvians 675 and others.

Most Brazilians live in the HOMI DANCHI residential complex, the neighborhood has a good commercial infrastructure aimed at the green-yellow community, including Brazilian supermarkets, etc…

Toyota Shimin Bunka Kaikan

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