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Yatsuomoteyama Observatory

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Nishio City’s Yatsuomoteyama Observatory offers a beautiful 360 degree night view of the Nishi Mikawa area where you can observe Nishio and Okazaki, a popular spot that is always packed with visitors and attracts not only couples but also families and youth groups. Although the altitude is low, there are no high mountains nearby, so the view is excellent..

You can observe not only Nishio city, but Okazaki and the thermal power plant in Hekinan city, and in good weather, you can see the buildings of Meieki, Chita, Atsumi, etc.

Parking: Free

Night: Place with Lighting

Yatsuomoteyama Park Trail

The hiking trail is 1.500 meters long, you can run or walk outdoors as if you were in a forest and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yatsuomoteyama Park around the observatory.

Aichi-ken Nishio-shi Yatsuomotecho Fumoto

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