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Seven Waterfalls of Atera (Nanataki)

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Atera Waterfall (阿寺の七滝) has a height of 62 meters, divided into a series of seven waterfalls on the Toyokawa River, for having 7 steps it is known as Nanataki (7 waterfalls). Located in Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture.

The first waterfall is 9 meters, the second is 13 meters and has a waterfall basin with a depth of 4 meters, the third is 7 meters, the fourth waterfall is 25 meters, the fifth waterfall is 2 meters and has a basin waterfall with a depth of 7 meters, the sixth waterfall is 4 meters, the seventh waterfall is 2 meters and the total height is 62 meters.

In 1934 the waterfalls were protected by the Japanese government as a place of scenic beauty and natural monument. It is also popular as a power point because of the waterfall splash with lots of negative ions and the central tectonic line running nearby.

In 1990 the Ministry of Environment of Japan named this waterfall one of the 100 best and most beautiful waterfall in Japan.

Water from the waterfall falls gracefully down the seven steps of the waterfalls. They attract crowds in the spring, when the leaves are lush green, and in the fall, when they change color.

You will walk 900 meters on a small trail for about 15 minutes to reach the waterfall.

Parking: Free (Capacity 150 cars)

Aichi-ken Shinshiro-shi Shimoyoshida Hadanashi

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