Peruvian Edgard Antony was arrested for the death of 2 Brazilian sisters in the city of Handa, Aichi


The 34-year-old Peruvian, La Rosa Vite Edgard Antony, was arrested by the Aichi police on suspicion of the murder of two Brazilian women, 27-year-old Brazilian Akemy Maruyama and her 29-year-old sister Micheli Maruyama.

Five years ago, on December 30, 2015, the Peruvian was investigated on suspicion of throwing gasoline and setting fire to the third floor of the apartment of the Nishi-Kamezaki municipal residence, in the city of Handa, with the two Brazilians inside.

In principle, the case was investigated as arson, then as homicide, as a judicial autopsy revealed that the two had strangulation marks on their necks.

The Peruvian was released for lack of evidence, but was arrested again on this date (December 8). In Mie Prefecture, the Peruvian had already been arrested for theft and use of stimulants.

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