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Meditreat「メディトリート」– Vaginal Infections

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Meditreat「メディトリート」, treatment for Candidiasis Vulvovaginitis (vaginal yeast infection)


Oxiconazole nitrate 100g (vaginal antifungal)

Ointment (Suppository)

>> Dosage

  • Adults (15 years and over): Insert a suppository deeply into the vagina before going to bed. Repeat nightly until all suppositories are used. Lie down as soon as possible after insertion to prevent the suppository from slipping.

* The capsule melts at body temperature, the active ingredient spreads and the candida bacteria in the vagina are killed.

Cream (Vaginal Cream)

>> Dosage

  • Adults (15 years and over): Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area 2-3 times a day.

>> Do not use in the following cases

• People who supposedly developed the disease for the first time.
• People who have had allergic reactions to the ingredients of this medicine.
• Persons under 15 years of age or over 60 years of age.
• Women who are pregnant or who appear to be pregnant.
• People diagnosed with diabetes.
• People who take blood thinners like Walfarin.
• People who repeat this disease often.

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