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OkusaYama Observatory

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There is an amazing way to appreciate the natural beauty of Hamanako (kanzanji), lake Hamana and the Kosai mountains, going up to the Okusayama observatory where you will have a beautiful 360° panoramic view, access to Okusayama observatory can be by car or by cable car.

The cable car leaves from Pal Pal Park and crosses Lake Hamana to the top of Okusayama Mountain. A free observatory where we can enjoy the beautiful views of Hamanako and Lake Hamana with an altitude of 113 meters. Beyond the Pacific Ocean (10 km), Act Tower east and west of the Kosai Mountains.

In good weather, we can see Mount Fuji behind the mountains, but only the summit of Mount Fuji.

Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Nishi-ku Kanzanji-cho 1891

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