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Takeshima Shellfish Hunt

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In Takeshima, in the city of Gamagori, the seafood hunting season is very famous for its high quality and flavor, attracting around 30 thousand visitors every year between April and May.

Shellfish hunting is an adventure where adults and children have fun looking for shellfish in front of the island, on the bridge side, when the tide goes out.

  • Event: Shellfish Hunt.
  • Location: Takeshima (Gamagori / Aichi).
  • Date: end of April to end of May.
  • Fee: Adults and children 1.500 yen up to 2 kg.
  • Additional Fee: 700 yen per 1 kg.
  • Parking: 500 yen Saturday, Sunday and holidays (free on weekdays).
  • WC: Available.

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