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Tenryu River of Hamamatsu City

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The Tenryū River (Tenryū-gawa) is a river that flows from Lake Suwa in Okaya of Nagano and passes through the city of Hamamatsu. It is one of foreigners’ favorite places in the summer to have a barbecue and walk with the family along the banks of this beautiful river called Tenryu.

The water is clean and several stretches along the river offer infrastructure, such as bathrooms and kiosks, but you have to pay a parking fee that varies from 500 yen to 1.000 yen.

The place is cool, very shallow, allowing adults and children to play and have fun.



Tenryu River Parking Lot: Shizuoka Hamamatsu Tenryu Ward Kamino 1994 

We also have attractions close to the river, a 10 meter waterfall and a small free cave. After enjoying the Tenryu River, take the opportunity to visit the waterfall and cave before leaving.

Aoya Fudou Waterfall

To visit Aoya Hudou Waterfall, you will follow a small trail of just 7 minutes, a waterfall with a 10 meter high drop, refreshing in summer.

Shizuoka Hamamatsu Tenryu ward Aoya 1194

Aoya Shyonyudo Cave

The Small Cave (Aoya Shyonyudo) is among the attractions of the Tenryu River. Access to the cave is by car with its own lighting and free entry.
Visitors who like adventure always come to admire this small cave and take photos.

Shizuoka Hamamatsu Tenryu Ward Aoya 2520

For those who like adventure and nature, the waterfall and cave are unmissable.

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