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Gohou Waterfall Autumn Leaves

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In autumn, in the month of november the leaves turn red, the Gohou Waterfall becomes an unforgettable spectacle with the bright red autumn leaves.

Every year, during the Japanese maple season (momiji), the already famous waterfalls gain a new landscape dyed in red, attracting even more visitors who come to enjoy this beautiful landscape.

The three waterfalls together are a spectacle of nature that totals 80 meters in height. The path is well maintained and easy to walk.

  • Tourist Attraction: Gohou Waterfall.
  • Season: November, season of autumn leaves.
  • Location: Yaotsu, Gifu.
  • Height First Waterfall: 44 meters.
  • Height Second Waterfall: 23 meters.
  • Height of the Third Waterfall: 13 meters.
  • Path: Trail/Ladder.
  • Activity: Walk.
  • Observation Deck: Available.
  • Entrance: Free.
  • Parking: Available / Free (about 20 spaces).
  • WC: Available (in the parking lot).

Gifu Kamo Yaotsu

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