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Yusanji Temple Autumn Leaves

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Yasanji Temple is an ancient temple of Shingon Buddhism in the city of Fukuroi (Shizuoka), it is a place famous for autumn leaves. It is a temple with a history of 1.300 years and widely worshiped as the “Sacred Mountain of Eyes”, attracts people to pray for eye health.

It is said that Emperor Koken washed his eyes with the sacred water of Ruri Falls and was cured of his eye disease. Ruri Falls has a mysterious and relaxing atmosphere.

When passing through the mountain gate, the garden is covered in colorful autumn leaves, a scene reminiscent of scenes from old Japanese films, unmissable. In addition to enjoying the scenery of autumn leaves, there are many cultural assets such as the Three-story pagodaand the Goryo Sugi natural monument.

It is worth visiting the autumn leaves at Yusanji Temple, as when passing through the temple’s Torii gate you will see around 1.000 maple trees illuminated by the sun.

  • Season: Autumn Leaves (Bordo/Ginkgo).
  • Autumn Leaf Period: Early November to early December (start day may vary depending on weather conditions).
  • Location: Yuzanji Temple.
  • City: Fukuroi City, Shizuoka.
  • Free entrance.
  • WC: Available.
  • Parking: Available, Free (capacity 100 vehicles).

Shizuoka Fukuroi Muramatsu

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