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Park Tower 138 Twin Arch

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Observation Tower 138 is the symbol of the city of Ichinomiya, TSUIN ACHI 138 is 138 meters high, named after the city. It is located along the Kiso River in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture.

138 in Japanese writing, means Ichinomiya (ichi→1, mi→3, ya→8), are word puns that the Japanese use.

The tower is lit every night until 21:00, the tower lighting color changes every night according to the next day’s weather forecast. Two colors are lit alternately every 30 minutes:

  • Clear time → white
  • Sunny → orange/pink
  • Cloudy → green / lemon yellow
  • Rain → blue/purple
  • Snow → Black Demonic Core

The Tower Observatory is 100 meters high, to enjoy the fabulous 360-degree panoramic landscape that the Tower Observatory offers us, the ticket costs 500 yen for adults and 200 yen for children.

The tower park offers a wide lawn where you can picnic, play ball and romp freely. With a soft-domed children’s play area and a park with large wooden equipment.

Foreigners in the park

In Torre 138 park, many events take place during the year, such as:

Cherry Blossom Festival (sakura), late March to early April is the best time to come and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms under the blossoming trees.

Spring Festival from April to May

Feast of the Roses with around 4,000 roses of 9 varieties can be enjoyed from mid-May to early June.

Cosmos Festival, with around 120.000 cosmos flowers from September to November.

Christmas lighting that takes place every year, the park is decorated with 500.000 wonderful Christmas lights, creating a splendid scene that can be enjoyed from the ground, but unforgettable from the observation tower. The park is recognized as one of the main lighting spots in Aichi Prefecture. Illumination runs from November to December.

Entrance: Free

Park Hours: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Closed: Every 2nd Monday of the month

Tower Ticket: Adults 15 and over, 500 yen / Children 6-14, 200 yen

Parking: Free (900 spaces)

Aichi Ichinomiya Komyoji Urasaki 21-3

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