Meijo Park

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Meijo Park (名城公園) is a public park located next to Nagoya Castle with an area of 76.3 hectares and opened in 1931 and consists of several parks such as Ninomaru, Sannomaru and Kitaen.

The Park attracts visitors of all ages and lifestyles who come to enjoy a leisurely day, great for those who like to picnic.

There are also family-friendly facilities for sports enthusiasts, such as baseball fields, tennis courts, gymnasium, bike paths and a jogging track.

Parque Meijo Plaza offers agricultural consultations, gardening classes and ikebana classes.

In spring the Oranda Windmill is full of tulips.

Tulips – mid-March to early April

The gardens of Meijo Park can be enjoyed throughout the year, in times of cherry blossoms (sakura), iris, roses, wisteria, tulips, autumn leaves and others.

Sakura – Cherry Blossom – Late March to Mid April

Wisteria – Fuji Flower – Mid-April to Mid-May

Roses – Bara

Iris Flower – Late May to Mid June

Entrance fee: Free

Parking: 230 yen for 30 minutes

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