Japan Increases Monitoring of Speed Violations Using Portable Radar

In an attempt to suppress speed violations, the police began operating a portable device (Portable Speed ​​​​Radar) to suppress speed violations (mobile orbis).

Several units were introduced in various parts of the city, some of the main places chosen for inspection are school guides and tourist spots..

The Golden Week holiday is one of the holidays with the highest number of handheld speed radar usage in Japan.

Common Portable Radar with police on site

If you overspeed and get caught by a handheld radar, you will be stopped by a policeman straight ahead and you will be fined.

Portable Camera Radar

If you are spotted by a handheld radar camera, you will receive a written notification at your home (hagaki) to go to the police station within a few days, maximum one month, after the speed violation.

The notice has the date and time of appearance. When you go to the police station, you will be asked to confirm your identity and your car in the photograph taken by Radar. In most cases, the driver’s face is clearly visible; if you deny or lie, at worst you could be charged with perjury.

A few days after your appearance at the police station, you will receive a notice of court appearance, with a date and time. Be aware that this notice is already a payment notice, so you should take the money for payment, as the radar camera has a high cost the value can reach 100,000 yen, to avoid further problems it is better to take 100,000 yen to court to pay the fine on time.

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