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Shonai Ryokuchi Nagoya Park Iris Festival

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The Shonai Ryokuchi Park Iris Flower Festival is an early summer festival (Hana shobu) that takes place every year between the end of May and mid-June in the Park.

It is one of the main iris gardens in Nagoya city, where around 18,000 plants of 95 species of Hana shobu are planted on around 4 ha. In June, you can enjoy a rich variety of iris flowers with a stunning atmosphere.

  • Location: Shonai Ryokuchi Park (Nagoya – Aichi).
  • Date: End of May to mid-June.
  • Opening Hours: From 9:00 to 16:45.
  • Parking: 180 yen per hour (capacity for 643 cars).
  • WC: Available.
  • Day off: The park is closed every Monday.

Aichi Nagoya Nishiku Yamada-cho Oaza Nakaotai

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