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MonsterJam is the world’s biggest motor sport event, which took place for the first time at Estadium Seibu Dome on November 2nd and 3rd, 2019, in Tokorozawa City of Saitama. The event usually attracts around 4 million people annually. With various types of exhibition games such as rear wheel racing, donut contests, Pit Party, speed racing competition and Freestyle (technology).

Building a track for Monster Jam requires several truckloads of dirt, which are dumped onto the surface of the venue. The amount depends on the size of the stadium. The production team works for days to build a base of dirt and obstacles. All obstacles are carefully measured to ensure competitions are fair, having the right dimensions.

Each Monster Jam Truck is approximately 3.5m high, almost 4m wide and over 5m long; weighs at least 5 tons. A Monster Jam engine generates 1.500 horsepower, thanks to a fan that pushes air and fuel inside the engine. The fuel used is methanol, which consumes three gallons per minute, from a safety cell specially built for this purpose.

The Truck uses a four-link racing suspension with four main bars that connect the front and rear axles to the chassis. The cockpit (space intended for the driver inside the vehicle) is made of steel, the structure is composed of pipes that make up the truck body, which is made of fiberglass.

The BKT tires measure 1.7 meters in diameter and 1.10 meters in width, inflated to 16-20 psi of pressure and weigh almost 400 kg each.


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