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Japanese say that personality is determined by blood type

In Japan, asking a person’s blood type is common. In Japanese culture, they generally believe that blood type can influence several aspects of their life, and they take the relationship between blood type and an individual’s personality very seriously, even having a “blood horoscope” in newspapers and popular publications, in Japanese called Ketsueki gata seikaku handan (血液型性格判断) or Ketsueki gata uranai (血液型占い).

This belief is so ingrained in Japanese culture that blood type is even requested when filling out a Curriculum vitae, when looking for a job.

This Japanese obsession began in 1972 when a psychology professor known as Furukawa Takeji began to observe clear differences in the temperaments of his students. From his observations, he concluded that children with type A blood were more intellectual, while those who belonged to the type B group were more stubborn and temperamental. From that moment on, everyone in Japan began to focus on blood groups.

Below, discover the qualities of each blood type and better understand your personality.

Type A: Perfectionism and organization

38% of the Japanese population is part of this group, unlike Brazil where the majority is O. They are calm, serious people with a good temperament. They need to have organization around them and are compliant with laws and rules. They have a strong character, are trustworthy and can be stubborn. They are also shy, introverted and fake, but at the same time, they are loyal to their friends. They try to hide their emotions to appear stronger, while internally they are fragile and a little insecure. They are modest and don’t like exaggerations. They tend to be interested in the quietest, most delicate and subtle things. They don’t really like surprises and changes. And, because they are very prissy, sometimes they need to vent through hobbies.

In general, they are very suspicious and closed. They prefer to have few friends, but to whom they are completely faithful. They believe they have a duty to serve humanity and feel more pleasure doing things for society than for themselves. They put social needs ahead of their wants.

As they are perfectionists, they do well in jobs that require attention.

When they are in love, they are completely dedicated to their love. Romance for these people means marriage, while for the other side, not always. He is very faithful, as he greatly appreciates his family, valuing marriage. In relationships, they get along well with people with blood groups A, O and AB.

Type B: Freedom and independence

22% of the Japanese population is type B. Focused on their own feelings, they have great potential for concentration when it comes to subjects they like. But on topics in which they are not interested, they are distracted. Optimistic, they are also sensitive and loving.

People of this blood group do not like to be controlled and value their freedom, which can eventually cause problems in the professional environment. Not very organized, they also do not like to follow social rules. Intellectuals love to question, research and seek new answers to their questions. Your mood changes according to what happens in your head.

In relationships, people with blood groups O, B and AB are compatible.

Type AB

This is the rarest blood type that exists, reaching less than 6% of the population. He is a calm person and loves to sleep. He also doesn’t like difficult things and, if he can, on his days off he prefers to stay in bed. By bringing together material from blood types with extremely contrasting characteristics, they have a great sense of balance and an objective view of matters, most of the time. Rational and organized, they perform several things at the same time.

Diplomatic, they move easily between other blood types, always avoiding fights and arguments. To this end, they act with justice, balance and honesty. Despite being guided by reason, they can quickly capture people’s characters. These characteristics make them good leaders.

In relationships, they get along well with practically all other blood types. To get involved with your loved one, be careful. But then, surrender and trust.

Type O: Pride and courage

People of this blood type have a strong sense of purpose, acting according to their personal motivation. They are expressive, creative and confident, capable of easily leading and motivating a group of people, whether friends or a work team. They are generous people, contributing to the well-being of others. Natural athletes, they obsessively seek victory. They are sociable, persistent and reliable, but they do not accept their own mistakes. They are popular and like to be the center of attention. They are also considered organized, determined, bold and stubborn people.

And in love he is faithful, he values marriage, making the marriage very happy. In relationships, they tend to get along well with people of any blood group, especially A and AB.

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