The Mayor of Kariya presented a commemorative HAPPI jacket to encourage the Canadian Women’s Basketball team at the preliminary training camp for the Olympics.

Mayor Kariya encouraged the Canadian national women’s basketball team to conduct preliminary training in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, for the Tokyo Olympics.

The Canadian women’s basketball team that came to Japan on the 5th and is staying at a hotel in Anjo City, Aichi.

Mayor Takeshi Inagaki of Kariya City visited the team to encourage players on the 6th, before training on the 7th that started at the Wing Arena Kariya.

The mayor said that we will do our best to support the Canadian team during their stay so that they can demonstrate their strength in the tournament and win medals. Good luck, everyone!

Players were happy to wear the happi coats marked “Kariya City” and “Canada” to familiarize themselves with Japanese culture.

During their stay, the team will perform a molecular test (PCR-RT) for the coronavirus every day and will use the facility until July 18 for practice.

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