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Research to know better the good or bad contractors in Japan

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To help foreigners who want to work or reside in Japan, who always seek information about the credibility of contractors through social networks and testimonials.

We created this poll because many people have suffered from dishonest contractors who deceive workers.

Let’s participate by voting and commenting, only then will we know which contractor has the best services and treats foreigners better, poll of the main contractors (employment agencies).

To further help people, contractors who have GOOD votes, let’s check if the contractor has the ¨GOOD ENGINEER SEAL¨ on the Ministry of Health list (Yuuryou Haken Jigyou-sha Nintei Seido), and we will put the seal on it too.

How the foreign community sees the service of contractors in Japan

Check it out and participate, only then will we know which contractors are reliable and offer good jobs for foreigners.

Check the results below

ContractorCityGoodBadClick on CommentsSeal★★★★★
FujiarteIzumo1See Comments
FujiarteOsakaSee CommentsO atributo alt desta imagem está vazio. O nome do arquivo é yyy-Selo-certificado-de-boa-empreiteira.png★★★★★
Next WayAnjo1See Comments
Sankyo Techno StaffEchizen1See Comments
Suri-emuOkazaki1See Comments


    • Vote and comment: why do you think it’s bad or why do you think it’s good.
    • You can comment on various topics: employment, quality of service, telephone service, assistance, employment support, conditions of employment, contract, interpreter, workplace, factory, employee handling, complaints, tantoushas and others
Note: comments with profanity or vulgar words will not be displayed.

Good Contractor Seal

What is a Good Contractor Seal?

The Ministry of Labor (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan), to improve the quality of contractors (employment agency) and discover bad contractors, allowed the creation of a certification agency, creating a seal that identifies the good contractors (Certification in Excellent Temporary Work).

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