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Shin Shinoske – Interview

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Shin Shinoske is one of the most well-known and active rappers in the Brazilian community in Japan.

Born in Brazil, born in São Paulo, mestizo to a Japanese father and Afro-Brazilian mother, he started to frequent some places in São Paulo, where he listened to a lot of rap, when he skated and met singers, rap and hip hop dancers, being influenced by by the sounds of Pepeu, Ndee Naldinho and Thaíde! Eclectic.

In Brazil, in 1999, he was the lead singer of the band Selfree, where he produced reggae and created an identity in hip hop culture, which has the junction of rap as a way of expressing itself in its songs!

In 2005, he met a rap group called BMDG at Wakamiya Park in Nagoya, from there he was sure to continue his career on Japanese soil!

His musical style pleased the Japanese a lot, including his music producers who helped him mix and master his album, and he currently also has Brazilian producer Eduardo, who participated in the interview!

In 2015, still living in Nagoya, Shin set up his own studio, but out of injustice, he decided to close it and returned to Brazil on vacation for a year.

In 2016, back in Japan, he moved to Minokamo / Gifu-Ken, setting up his own studio, Minokamo Rap Dojo, where he invested all his resources, sweat and a lot of hard work!

Today his eyes shine, for the work and reward!!

Shin Shinoske has already performed in Japan and has also been invited to sing in Thailand, where there are a lot of fans!

First album of his career 「Toki wo koe – I Have a Dream」

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