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Rodrigo Brizzi started playing bass at the age of 15 and soon after decided to deepen his knowledge of the instrument at the School of Music and Technology (EM&T – São Paulo), mastering various musical styles and ready to become a professional musician.

Already an accomplished musician, Rodrigo arrived in Japan and had the opportunity to play in Brazilian bands: Duo In Concert and DAHU Band where he performed at the “Festival Brasil” (Brazilian Day) in Tokyo and Nagoya. Also in 2018 and 2019 Rodrigo performed in Tokyo with the Peruvian rock band DK-Vita at the Peru Festival.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, Rodrigo dedicated himself to focusing his studies on Music Production. He started the IKIGAI MusiCollab project, bringing together various musicians to collaborate on original music composition.

The project inspired him to create his own label and so in 2022 IKIGAI Music was born, which had its first work released in January 2022, with the song Mawaru Hikari [まわる光] which was mastered by none other than Rick Bonadio (music producer ).

Rodrigo works with recordings and productions by Japanese and Brazilian artists. His dream is to live and play in Tokyo, thus expanding his work with the Japanese.

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