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Robson Gomes (Goalkeeper): Director, Coach and Technical Assistant.

Born in Ourinhos, in the interior of São Paulo, at the age of 12 he began training at the city’s school with the dream of becoming a soccer player. In a short time he was already in the selection of the city where he stood out in the regional games being invited to test in a professional team.

He passed the test of two professional teams, Paraná Matsubara PR and União Bandeirantes PR, he also played for Esportiva de Jacarezinho. His most important career title was being champion of União Bandeirantes Jr in 1994.

At the age of 18, the chance to visit Japan arose and he became a player for Tokai (Liga Nagoya) and Toyota Shokutan. Not having much success, according to him, Japan is one of the most difficult countries to become a professional football player.

Then he started to invest as a coach, he is currently the coach of two football schools.

One of them is the Japanese school Forza Internacional Nagoya, where he has been for almost two years, the school is located in the city of Nagoya. The purpose of the school is to train children to compete in championships abroad.

And the other is the STDOR school, in this little school he has been training Brazilians, Japanese and other foreigners for six months.

In his career as a Professional Player in Japan, he had the opportunity to play, meet and exchange experiences with great professionals such as: Zico, Mazinho, Dunga, Alcindo, Ramos, Edu and others.

He passes on all this experience to these kids in the field, on training day.

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