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Summer Fest 2022 Sunday

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After two years of social distancing, Summer Fest is finally back this Sunday, August 7th, the third day of the event in Nagoya’s Central Park with performances by Latin and Japanese artists and DJs from our community.

On the third day we also don’t have the exact number of how many people attended, but it was the day with the greatest presence of the community at the event.

This amazing festival was held by Neo Fest Eventos, organized by Irlena Neo, producer Genylson Souza, MC Fumio Almeida and Willian Kenji.

With the presence of the singers


Cesar Valentim

Koiti & Erica

Hellen Lyu


Bands and Group

O Peixe que Ri


Band Rebel

Ceclia Keiko & Banda

Cheap Wine Squad

Acauã Tupinamba

Nation Japan

Eddie Alconera

Xanda Team

Sky Jump



DJ Rafael


PhotographerHashiguti Augusto

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