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Autumn leaves at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden

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At Nagoya City’s Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden, you can enjoy the autumn leaves of 500 trees that change their leaves in autumn, including the Japanese maple from mid-November to early December.

During the autumn leaf lighting period, park opening hours are extended until 8:30 pm. You will be surprised by the fantastic atmosphere at night, completely different from the day.

When maple leaves begin to change color, you can enjoy the five-color maple leaves, which are a mixture of red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, and green.

The autumn leaves along the path from Yayuen to the Japanese garden are especially amazing. There are around 200 trees of around 60 different species of Japanese maple that will leave you amazed with their beauty.


Night Lighting

On the shores of Lake Okuike is a Gassho-zukuri house that was moved from Shirakawa Village, Gifu Prefecture in 1955. You will be able to see the perfect reflection of inverted maple leaves floating on the surface of the water, a popular photo spot that attracts many photography enthusiasts.


Night Lighting

Estimated best time to see autumn leaves

Western Garden (Kainoki): early to mid-November. 洋風庭園のカイノキ

Lake Okuike (where the leaves are reflected in the lake): mid to late November. 奥池

Yayuen Garden: mid to late November. 也有園

Japanese Garden: From mid-November to early December. 日本庭園

  • Season: Autumn leaves.
  • Location: Nagoya, Aichi.
  • Period: Mid-November to early December
  • Type: Japanese maple and 60 other maple species.
  • Autumn leaf lighting: mid to late November.
  • Entry: 500 yen (Children under 15 are free)
  • Parking: car 800 yen / motorbike 400 yen (capacity 1,600 spaces available).
  • WC: Available.

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