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Hokoji Temple

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Hoko-ji (方広寺), is a historic Zen temple that opened in 1371 as the main temple of the Rinzai sect. Located in the western mountains of Shizuoka Prefecture, north of Hamamatsu City, near Ryugashido Cave.

It is a tourist temple that maintains several cultural properties, such as the Shaka Triad, an important national cultural property.

A mountain surrounded by the deep green of Okuyama where you can enjoy peaceful hikes. Kawazakura is very popular during the cherry blossom (sakura) season and Koyo is also wonderful during the peach blossom and autumn leaves (momiji) season.

The main temple of the Houkouji sect of Rinzai Buddhism is famous as a representative Zen temple of the Tokai region, also known as Okuyama Hansobo and is the main temple of the Hokoji school, Rinzai sect.

You can see the historic buildings of this ancient temple for free just from outside. To visit the interior costs 500 yen from 9:00 to 16:00, the interior is well maintained and worth seeing.

Photographer │ Hashiguti Augusto

Hokoji, main temple of the Hokoji school of the Rinzai sect, 32 meters wide and 27 meters deep.

There are over 500 stone Arhats statues placed on the main mountain road to kindly greet all visitors to the temple.


During the second year of the Kentoku Era (1371), Mumongensenzenji, the son of Emperor Godaigo, established this Zen temple on 60 hectares of land. 22 of the buildings are registered as tangible cultural property. On site were the Great Great Hall, Hansobo temple, Founder’s Hall, and a three-story pagoda, among other buildings. On one occasion, Mumongensenzenji paid a visit to the shrine and seeing that the setting was similar to that of Tendai-san Houkouji in China, he named this temple Hokoji. These statues became important national treasures in 2014.

Parking: Free

Entrance fee to historic buildings: Adult 500 yen / Children 200 yen

Hours: 9:00 to 16:00

Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Kita-ku Inasa-cho Okuyama 1557-1

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