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Brazilian Day Hamamatsu 2022

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Brazilian Day Japan will be in September, outside Tokyo

The event took a break due to the pandemic and now returns in a new location.

The biggest event of the Brazilian community in Japanese territory already has a date and place defined, after two years without being held, the Brazilian Day Japan, traditionally in Tokyo, will be this year in Shizuoka Prefecture.

For the first time, the city of Hamamatsu will be the stage for the party, which includes artistic and cultural presentations, typical Brazilian cuisine, services, the choice of the Brazilian Day Girl and a raffle of gifts.

Photo: Silvio Mori

The event is held by the Consulate General of Brazil in Hamamatsu and the organization of Promotion Brazil, who set the 3 and 4 September for the festivity, also an allusion to the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil.

According to consul Aldemo Garcia, the choice of the city to host the biggest Brazilian party in Japanese territory is due to the location and the large number of patricians in the region.

“Hamamatsu is in the middle of the two main Japanese metropolises, Tokyo and Osaka, has a population of 10,000 Brazilians and in Shizuoka they add up to 30,000, nothing more natural to have a great musical event like Brazilian Day Hamamastu, in celebration of the bicentennial of independence. from Brazil”, he declared.


For the director of Promotion Brazil, Mario Makuda, organizing the event in Hamamatsu has been a challenge. He explains that the Brazilian Day in Hamamatsu has no connection with the one held in Tokyo, but that it makes up for the absence of major events aimed at the Brazilian community in Japan.

For 15 years leading the execution of the Festival Brazil in Tokyo, an event that incorporated the Brazilian Day, Mario says that this will be the biggest event of its kind, with many cultural attractions, from the north to the south of Brazil.

“We didn’t have the Brazil festival this year and the Brazil party in Nagoya is over, so this will be the best event of its kind ever held, the prospects are good, because it will take place in September, when we also celebrate Brazil’s independence”, he declared.

Toni Garrido confirmed presence

The special guest of this edition of Brazilian Day is the singer Toni Garrido who returns to Japan for the second time. Known nationally for the great hits of Brazilian music in the 90s and 2000s, the singer scored gems such as the song “Firmamento”, “Realidade Virtual” and “O erê”.

Toni traveled all over Brazil and sold over 300,000 copies with the famous

Acoustic Mtv album. On TV, he presented, alongside Angelica, the program “Fama”, a hit with audience, currently he is among the technicians of the program The Voice Brasil.


Brazilian Day 2022 in Hamamatsu

Dates: 3rd and 4th of September

Hours: 11 am to 8 pm

Location: Hamamatsu-Shi Entetsu Soramo Galery – Next to the train station

Realization: Consulate General of Brazil in Hamamatsu

Organization: Promotion Brazil

Press Office: Silvio Mori

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