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Washizawa Cave

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Washizawa Cave (鷲沢風穴) in Hamamatsu City is a very amazing cave to walk around. It has a good structure for all ages with a taste of adventure, and is the only flat rock bed in the country called CETO HORIZONTAL. A little hidden but worth checking out.

Washizawa Cave is a 250 million year old limestone cave with a total length of about 200 meters, but only 100 meters is available to the public, and the temperature inside the cave is 15-16 degrees throughout the year, the cave is also known by the name of the wind hole.

To enter the cave it is mandatory to wear a helmet, as the ceiling is low and the rocks are protruding, where adults end up hitting their heads, but it is worth it because you will walk while enjoying the feeling of an explorer.  

In front of the Cave there is a famous water spout, this water comes from the spring inside the cave, a water rich in natural minerals, and for 100 yen you can take 20 liters.

Next to the parking lot is a small playground with swing rope for the kids and a barbecue area, the barbecue place is only 100 yen.

Admission Fee:

  • Adults: 400 yen
  • Children: 200 yen

Opening hours: 

  • March to October from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • November to February from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Mineral-rich cave spring water:

  • 20 liters 200 yen.

BBQ area rental: 100 yen.

Camping: 2.000 yen per family.

Parking: Free

Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Kita-ku Washizawa-cho 428-1

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